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 Recent News:  We did a  little rally up to Mt. are the pics.

You've found the site dedicated to the aesthetic beauty and sheer enjoyment that can be had by owning a Honda Hawk. You wont find technical specs or long winded theories on why the Hawk is now so popular. I will let the images speak for themselves. If you have great images of a well loved Hawk, feel free to send them on. 
Hawk Haikus compliments of everyone who subscribes to the "Hawk List"  Thanks for making owning a Hawk even more fun than it already is. When I bought this Hawk I instantly made 150 friends around the world. How nice is that?


Gliding through the canyon
Wings open wide.
Hawk breathing easy, alive

- Rick Blunden


My in-line 4 has a high pitch yell.
My V-twin Hawk has a deep throaty growl.
I love the second one!

- Henry Avello



Rose red is my true hawk
more red than love
and faster to disappear

      - Beth Willey

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